Executing Tasks Message

I am starting to get allot of “Executing Tasks” messages when I make any changes to the SQL tags. I have seen this when editing allot of tags or deleting allot of tags. However, this is now happening on editing a single tag. When this occurs, the task will never complete and has to be closed manually. If seems that this happens more often on machines with lower memory. What is happening here?



I think we’ve resolved all of these issues for 7.2.6. It was harmless, but annoying. Simply clicking the window’s close button (the actual “X” on the dialog frame) should close it right away.

Basically when you do anything that gets executed asynchronously behind the scenes, it waits 1 second to see if it should pop up. What you’re seeing is mostly likely a problem where the completion message doesn’t properly prevent the window from opening- and so it opens and never closes. As I mentioned, this has been fixed for 7.2.6.