Execution Priority: Transaction Group vs. Gateway Tag Change Script Using a Shared Trigger

I have a single tag that I would like to use to fire both a Transaction Group and a Gateway Tag Change Script. However, once the Transaction Group fires and provides a handshake back to the PLC, the original trigger tag will turn off. My plan right now is to use the trigger to fire the Gateway Tag Change Script and use the script to set a different memory tag that will be used to fire off the Transaction Group to ensure that both the Transaction Group and the Gateway Tag Change Script fire with every single trigger.

However, I would like to know if it is possible for both a Transaction Group and a Gateway Tag Change Script to share a trigger. Which would take priority? Can I be confident that both will fire every time that the trigger fires?

There’s no priority, so you can’t know which will run first. They may even run simultaneously in different gateway threads.

Consider not using a transaction group at all. Anything a transaction group can do, can be done in a script, too.

Okay, thanks!