Existing PDF report

I’m trying to create a report to fill-in an existing PDF, but a collection of problems have conspired against me:

  1. The “Ignition Reporting Features” documentation page (inductiveautomation.com/supp … atures.htm) mentions the “ability to start with an existing pdf report for automatic form fill-in”. However, the “existing pdf report” link results in a 404, both on the inductiveautomation.com version and my local gateway.

Making the assumption that dragging-and-dropping the PDF into the report designer is the way to do this…

  1. Drag-and-drop does not work in Linux. Instead of importing the PDF file as it does in Windows, the report designer creates a label with the URL of the file (starting ‘file:///’). Tested with Ubuntu 11.10 using KDE desktop. Dragging from Konqueror, Dolphin and Nautilus file manager programs all produce the same results.

  2. On Windows, dragging and dropping a PDF file produces an ‘image’ component. However, manually creating an image component in Linux does not work either because the uploader will not add PDF files.

  3. There does not appear to be any menu option or any other way of achieving this. Drag-and-drop is a convenience only and should not be considered a replacement for appropriate menu options, especially as it is somewhat ‘magical’ and relies on cooperation between programs.

I appreciate that these are mainly upstream issues with ReportMill. Is there any kind of workaround?


Here is the manual page for using an existing PDF:

inductiveautomation.com/supp … es.htm#pdf

The workaround in this case would be to open the PDF in Adobe Reader and save it as a JPG. Upload the image to the image browser and use it in your report.