Expected ';'

Hey guys,

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This is probably a simple fix; each time we start a client or designer NOT locally on the server (i.e. from my laptop connected to the same switch or other PC on the floor) we get an error message from java stating “Expected ‘;’” without the double quotes :wink:

Please see the screenshot here
It does not happen when working locally on the server which is Server2008 which has Java7, but happens on our PCs which are Win7x64 running Java7.

Any help is much appreciated!


Oh, forgot to say, once we hit “OK” the project/designer starts and runs fine.
Just an annoyance when starting project/designer!

Try uninstalling Java from that machine. Once that is done, restart the computer, reinstall Java, run either the designer or a client. Let me know if this solves the problem or not.

That’s strange that the message title says “Microsoft JScript” error. I wonder if it’s some sort of issue with the javascript on the launch button? Perhaps try the following: Go to “Gateway Settings” in the Config section of the server, and change the “Launch Link Script Policy” from Javascript to Direct. Then, after refreshing the page on the client, try launching again.

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Thanks guys.
I was able to try Colby’s idea, but with no success.
Unfortunately, I have to leave this plant in an hour (heading to the next jobsite), so i will not have time to uninstall java, but I will see if the behavior persists at the next plant we are headed too.
We will still have a guy here for another week, so i will fwd this thread to him and see if he can uninstall/reinstall java this week.