Experiences setting up an internet facing Ignition instance

Hey team :wave:
I’m participating in this year’s Ludum Dare game programming competition, and had the idea to build a game in a perspective instance. I’d like for the game to be easily accessible to players with an internet connection, but I’m a little bit lost where to start. I’ve seen suggestions for port forwarding, reverse proxying, remote machines, etc etc, and I’m not sure what would be a good fit for my application.

So I’d like to hear your experiences with building internet-facing instances of Vision or Perspective! What worked, what didn’t work, what you wished you knew beforehand. I’m hoping with some more context I’ll synthesize something that works for me!

As far as resources I have at the ready:
I have machines at home I could repurpose for a home server that runs ignition.
Assorted Web domain names
Fiber internet
A budget of 100$ for web connection services.

Run an instance of ignition 8 perspective that is remotely accessible through a DNS link or static IP address.

All the best!

well this didn’t go far. for those curious I set up a port forwarding rule in my router to forward 8088 traffic to 8088. then I found my public IP and bound that to a free dns address I got at https://freedns.afraid.org/. a little bit of magic and I can hit the 8088 port and even launch perspective apps.
insecure? very
dangerous? likely
I couldn’t figure out openvpn and I have 41 hours left. ah well