Expertise required

Hi guys
I need some help to build an Ignition module.
Any level of assistance would be appreciated, from pointers to the best tools to use, through to someone who could build the module on a contract basis.

I want my users at run-time to be able to configure a graphical “flow chart” from a palette of objects (up to 10 max) and connect them together. The objects represent work-centers in a factory, and the connections are the legal product flows. The objects are class objects, and each instance will be related to a set of tables in a data base. The connectivity between objects must also be saved.

There will be multiple modes of operation: The modeller will be able to create & edit flowcharts, mid-level access can look at the data but not edit, while a guest can just view the layout.

I am currently preparing a detailed specification.

Meanwhile any input would be appreciated.


I would mock this up with a template canvas, template instances for your objects, and a paintable canvas overlay to show the connections. I don’t see a need for a module in your description.