Explanation of MediaQuery in Perspective Styles

Can someone explain to me how the Media-Query rules in the new Perspective Styles are defined? They are a bit counter-intuitive to me.

What is the Min-Width, Max-Width, Min-Aspect-Ratio and Max-Aspect-Ratio?
What does it mean when these are equal to a value?
Does the rule apply to the element size or to the client browser window size or to the current view size?

I read everything I could find in the documentation and watched the video, but I couldn’t find this answer.

Wouldn’t it be simpler (and more intuitive) if it was changed from and “=” to a choice of “<” or “>”?
This would allow you to have style rules for any of the following…

  • The Perspective session “Width < 300px” or
  • The Perspective session “Width > 640px” or
  • The Perspective session “Aspect Ratio > 1”

Media queries in style classes are a direct import of CSS rules, which, for better or for worse, work off direct values; depending on the particular media query the selector will apply at less than or equal to, or vice versa:

We didn’t want to attempt to rewrite CSS with style classes - it would be basically impossible to stay up to date with every browser and every possible combination of selectors, so instead we gave you an easy CSS editor. The style editor is also going through a full design revision right now that should make it a lot more user friendly.


This makes some sense. It would be really helpful if what you just mentioned was written in the documentation for this feature.

Errr, ok. Do you have a time table on when this is to be expected?

Agreed - I left a note with the training department to revisit that page, which they probably already had planned - they’re just swamped coming up with new videos, rewriting basically the entire manual, and coming up with a new class and certification test.

No, no firm timetable - at some point in the 8.0 branch, hopefully within the next three months. We’re not targetting ‘minor’ features to specific releases anymore - see the article explaining our new fast release schedule: https://inductiveautomation.com/blog/all-aboard-the-release-train-first-stop-ignition-8