Exploring Integration of Ignition with GPIB Ethernet Controller for Power Suppliers Control

Hello everyone,

I have a set of power supply controllers that are connected to a National Instruments GPIB Ethernet controller that connects to a router finally. Currently, there's a LabVIEW code on a desktop in place that facilitates communication and controls between the power supply controllers and the GPIB Ethernet controller by the routers.

I am considering transitioning to Ignition as a replacement for the LabVIEW code. However, I'm facing difficulties finding documentation that confirms whether Ignition supports direct communication with the GPIB Ethernet controller. I'm seeking advice on the best course of action for my situation.

Is there a recommended solution for effectively addressing this challenge? Should I explore the possibility of switching to a different GPIB Ethernet controller other than the National Instruments one? Alternatively, is it feasible for Ignition to establish communication with the GPIB Ethernet controller using the TCP/IP protocol?

Your insights are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

It is not natively supported. If National Instruments offers an OPC UA server for it, that would be the way to go. If not, a custom driver would be needed. Is the TCP/IP protocol for this device documented?

I do not think the TCP/IP protocol for this NI device is documented. It seems that the ignition doesn't currently have native support for any GPIB Ethernet controller, correct? If yes, Is there any other solution for applying Ignition to control devices by GPIB Ethernet controller? Thank you.

No idea. I haven't touched GPIB in decades.

Actually, there is one other topic in this forum history that might help you:


NI has OPC UA. It's KepServer rebranded.

Thanks. Do you mean this OPC UA server (KepServer) for NI GPIB to Ethernet controller?

You would add OPC UA to LabView and let Ignition talk to the GPIB via that.

Per the OP, they want to get away from LabView. (An utterly reasonable desire, IMNSHO.)

Thanks a lot.