Export Alarm Journal to Table and include Event Value

I have successfully exported the Alarm Journal based on Date Range into a table where I can then export to Excel. However, I have the EventId, Source, Displaypath, EventTime, EventState, Priority, and IsSystemEvent in the table. I would like to add “Event Value” as well. I have tried different variations but none are successful. Your assistance would be appreciated. We would like to have the value that was not only changed but what it was changed to.

start = event.source.parent.getComponent(‘Date Range’).startDate
end = event.source.parent.getComponent(‘Date Range’).endDate
journal = system.alarm.queryJournal(startDate=start, endDate=end).getDataset()

filePath = system.dataset.exportExcel(“Journal.xls”, 1, journal)
if filePath != None: