Export alarm


 I am going trought the process of moving from alert to alarm.
 It would be handy to export to excel instead of xml.
 Can I export to excel or do you know a good xml editor that will help me with this process.


Unfortunately the new alarming details are too complex to be represented in a csv format which is why we had to move to an XML format. I can do a little research to see if I can find an XML editor we could recommend.

I know this is an extremely old post, but has anyone found an xml editor they like? Not being able to make mass changes to tags like we could by opening a CSV in excel has become very time-consuming. I’ve used XML Marker 2 which is far better than editing in a text editor, but it still requires editing one tag at a time as far as I can tell.

have you thought about using the system.tag.editTag function? I use it alot to make bulk alarm or other tag edits.


I use Sublime Text 2. It allows for bulk edits of tags and works rather easily.