Export all parameters of UDT instance

Is it possible to export tags in a way that shows all parameters in UDT instances. When I export tags I only get the parameters showing if they differ from the UDT definition. I want to edit a bunch of parameters quickly and it isn’t possible since the parameters won’t show up in the tag export.

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I don’t think it’s possible, certainly not without scripting, but even then I’m still not sure. Interested in responses!

I think you’re going to have to export your data types as well which will contain the parameter list, then smoosh it together with your tag list

It’s probably possible (I wouldn’t know how to do it offhand, I’m sorely lacking in knowledge of the new tag system) but I know there’s an old-ish internal ticket to make this an option for the export functions directly. That’s probably your best option, unless you really want to dive into internal classes.

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I think it should be an export option. I can think that the use case for many (myself included) would be to setup a default “search” parameter that you can then quickly find and replace.

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In order to streamline any process that involves modifications of UDT instances in an external tool (Export --> External Tool --> Import) it is necessary to export all parameters.

We have noticed the same behaviour that michael2 describes, in our project. We use an external tool to generate and ideally modify tags in a JSON format. The behaviour is noticeable when the tag is originally created in Ignition Designer. The behaviour does not occur if the tag is created externally as a Ignition-compliant JSON structure and imported into the tag database and exported again.

A similar behaviour can be seen affecting the “Raw Edit” option for a tag, where only parameters previously modified in Ignition are displayed.

Is there any chance this may be looked into by the development team?