Export data from table component to Excel Automatically

Hello. My name is Felipe. I have a question i wish could count on your help Its possible to export data from a table componente to excel automatically? For example, everyday to 7 on the morning the data are save on a folder accordingly with the path specified?

Thank you for all help

Is it possible to use a report to get this data instead of a table? A report can run on a schedule and save to Excel at the location you specify, and doesn’t need a client to be open to do it.

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Hi @KathyApplebaum I am using a OEE Downtime Table Component Sepasoft. I honestly don’t know how to transcribe this information into a report. But if I can, how would that be possible?

this is the table I intend to export the data to excel:

Sorry for my english.

Unfortunately I’m not familiar with that component because it’s not one of IA’s components. Hopefully someone who is familiar with it can help you out.

Good morning @KathyApplebaum
you said it would be possible with reports. Could you tell me how it would be possible with reports?

I don’t know how that component gets its data. But if you have access to the data, you can use it as a report data source and create a simple report. Then schedule the report to run at 7 a.m. with a distribution method of saving a file in Excel format. (links are to relevant IA docs on how to do this, and many of the doc pages also have links to the relevant IU videos).


Hello @KathyApplebaum

I did the tests as you passed me but it does not generate the automatic file at the time that set o’clock nor in the specific path. And it seems to be a very simple thing to do, I just don’t understand why he is not saving the automatic file even when I click on Run Selected Action Immediately.

Is that last snapshot of an empty folder from the gateway computer? If not, look there. (Reports run on the gateway, so a file path including C:\ will be on the server, not on “My Computer” elsewhere.)


Perfect @pturmel . I hadn’t tried to do that. Ignition is installed on a virtual machine, not the physical machine I am using. Thank you so much

Once you fix the path, if you still have problems you can look at the reporting.Data logger. The warnings alone are often enough to figure out what when wrong, but there’s really good debug and trace logging in that code too.

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