Export data to excel from reports viewer

when i export the data to excel, the images and text alignement is not good

@PGriffith why this is happening any way to resolve it?

when data exported in excel format

alignement is not good

how to reslove this?

@KathyApplebaum any idea?

Hi @prasath.t,

Unfortunately there isn’t anything you can really do about this except for adjusting your report layout to be better suited to a spreadsheet export. 1:1 mapping of pixel-perfect components to a spreadsheet grid varies from extremely difficult to impossible. Per our docs site:

A Note on xls and xlsx Formats
The xls and xlsx format options may return less than pixel perfect results. This is due to how many spreadsheet programs interpret the resulting file. As a result, the pdf format is recommended in most cases.

We are currently (as we speak) looking at improving some xls/xlsx export layout issues for reporting, but ultimately I’m not sure it would address the issue you are seeing.


Thanks for the information

For what it’s worth, this isnt a problem unique to ignition. I have seen this with all the reporting suites i have used. I usually create a version that looks pretty, and one that is super basic for data exports.