Export Excel empty files

I’m using the system.dataset.exportExcel to export data from a power table.
Sometimes the generated file is empty (0 kb) and other times it is not.

I’m using Ignition v8.0.12.

Empty generally means it threw an exception during the conversion and never got to the “write” part. Look at your client diagnostic console.

I have no error message in the client console.
I tried to export a file i named “export.xlsx” and it was empty. After a few seconds (or minutes) if try to export another file named “export2.xlsx”, export.xlsx is populated with the data and export2.xlsx is empty.
As if something was stuck somewhere.

It seems like the “write” part is very slow.

Edit : I think it is just a Windows bug. If i copy paste the file created elsewhere it opens normally and has a size different from 0 kb.

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