Export historian data from Ignition Edge

Our architecture consists in an Ignition Edge that is connected to Ignition Server, and this is syncing the data into database.

Temporally, internet connection is not available in Ignition Edge thus it is not possible storage into database.

We need storage the data from Ignition Edge through “csv” file (or another).

To obtain Historian Data, we can use “system.tag.queryTagHistory” function but this only return values for a tag path.

Is there any way to export full Historian Data?

You cannot. If you need storage beyond the time/quantity limits in Edge, you need to use a Full install of Ignition.

Did you obtain Edge Sync so Edge will backfill to your upstream Ignition when connections are restored?

Thanks. Yes, we have Edge Sync.

But, temporally we need to export data taking into acount the time/quantity limits in Edge.

You cannot. If you will exceed the limits, you need a full install, not Edge.