Export of alarm journal to pdf or excel

When i use the alarm journal function I can collect all the alarms and status changes.
I have made a start en end date to filter some alarms which works fine.
When i use the embedded filter options from the alarm journal i can filer on name, priority and active and cleared event.

When exporting the filtered alarm data with the embedded filters the filters are not applied to the exported data. So we get all the unfiltered data in the export.

When we export the data to excel i do not get all details off the alarms. The only coulombs that are available in excel are:
Event Time
Event state

The following data is view able in the alarm journal but not exported:
Event value
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  • Is it possible to get full export functionality from the alarm yournal? The data is allready in ignition so why cant we export it?

  • Is it possible to export only the data that is filtered with the embedded filters from the alarm journal?