Export pipelines from 7.9 to use in 8?

We’re trying to figure out how to the easiest way to migrate projects from 7.9 to 8 while cleaning up dead and used tags that have accumulated on the old server. Is it possible to directly export pipelines out of 7.9? I see that it’s possible in 8 but it looks like the best we could do in 7.9 is restore it to an 8 server, then do the exports for use in their final production server…

I understand the desire to move it slowly and clean up tags, but by far the easiest way to upgrade to 8 is to just upgrade the entire gateway or restore a 7.9 backup into an 8.0 gateway.

This way you don’t have to worry about piecemeal imports of projects and resources, OPC connection name changes, the global project not being present in a fresh 8.0 install and the migration of any globally scoped scripts to this project, etc…

so that’s a “no”? :slight_smile:

Ha, yeah… you’d have to use the workaround you suggested at the end of your first post.

No problem, after porting one test project, what you’re saying makes sense.

I have one more related question if you wouldn’t mind. I want to be clear: if we restore a 7.9 gateway backup to an 8.0 server, the pipelines and global scripts get converted into their respective projects. Is that correct? You say above and the documentation says “upgrade” and I want to be clear that this conversion doesn’t just happen when we do an in place upgrade of an existing 7.9 server to 8.0, it will also happen when we restore a 7.9 gateway backup to an 8.0 server.

Yes, it will happen when you restore a 7.9 backup as well.

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