Export Project - Compare named queries for changes

We are comparing exported projects using the lastModification.timestamp in “resource.json” to find out what was changed. It does not work for Named Query, because in Designer, simply opening a Named Query and saving a project cause it to be “modified” even without change it.

Is there a way to compare two “data.bin” of the same Named Query to check if it is identical or not?

Is there other ways to compare two Named Query automaticly?

If you upgrade, named queries will be serialized into a query.sql file on disk.

Funny, I just upgraded from 8.1.3 to 8.1.13 this week, but havent exported my project yet.

It seems, that only Named Queries with no parameters are exported as query.sql file; those with parameters are still as data.bin.

That’s not the condition. The condition is opening them at least once in the designer.

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It is wonderful, I just reopened some of my queries and now they are exported as “query.sql”. It will be really helpful to found changes (of the lack of) between versions.

It is a real pleasure to see how quick Ignition is improving vs the competition.

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What is the Gateway version needed for queries to be serialized into query.sql?


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