Export Quarantined Data

Can we get a way to download a csv of quarantined data? If, for example, data is being kicked out for a type mismatch, it would be helpful to get the questionable data into Excel for analysis. Right now, I just see the database error but not the data.



Right, there isn’t a way to see the quarantined data or export it. There is a ticket in our system for this feature so hopefully it will be in there soon.

Ah man, this is one of those things we thought of on our own, but didn’t get implemented… and now someone wants it. I hate when that happens!

Yes, that would be very useful. I’ll see what can be done.


On the Store&Forward screen, in the Quarantine tab there are two buttons by each block, [retry] and [delete]. A recent problem would have been simplified if a [export] button and function was added. A user would be prompted for a target file path and the insert queries could be exported to an ascii/text file. It would be expected that the user would manually edit the text file, then add the records to their target Db through available tools. Also, the exported records could serve as added visibility for troubleshooting problems; especially with block transactions.
I am assuming that the existing [retry] function involves retrieving the binary data, converting it to an insert query, and sending the query to the Db connection. An export function would involve retrieving the binary data, converting it to an insert statement string and writing the string to a file. I would also be happy if the query data was writen to a csv file. Just anything I could review for troubleshooting, or edit to correct “invalid number” errors or other fixable errors.


Yes, this would be very useful, and has been on our “someday” list for a while. But it’s definitely one of those things that when you need it, you wish you had it, so I’ll take a look at where it stands. I believe we had started something as a stand alone tool, so maybe it’s already half way done and just needs a push.