Export report to csv with Trend inside

Is there any way to export report as csv file and not to lose trend in it?

I am using system.report.executeReport(path=“Report_Path”, project=“project_Name”, parameters=Parameters, fileType=“csv”)
→ all works fine if report has table data and no trend data. But at the moment when report has some trend inside - it looks just ignored - csv file has no sign of the trend.
Is anybody know workaround using Ignition tools?

I am using Ignition 8.1.11

CSV files, by definition, only contain text. It isn’t something Ignition can make happen.

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If you need a more ‘rich’ report, you must use a different export format. The Excel format will retain charts as images, but may mangle formatting somewhat. PDF is the ideal output format for reports-as-documents; Reporting was never really designed to export reports-as-spreadsheets.

Thanks, I am using csv and pdf already, but @pturmel is right, I just read the definition of csv. Thanks for all