Export to Excel feature on a header in Perspective

Hello all! I’m trying to work something out to have a feature on the header that is applied on all perspective windows to read if the current view has a param called “exportData”. If that param is there I plan to have an export to CSV icon become available on the param’s dataset, and if not then I’ll just hide the icon. My problem is I’m not entirely sure how to have the header read the currently active view that is beneath it.

Once I cross that bridge I should be ok, but can someone help me out, am I missing something under “system.” ?

Can you post some more details/example code of where you are getting stuck? Are you doing this with an embedded view?

You’ll most likely be using the system.dataset.to* functions to convert props.data to something you can export. But keep in mind, Perspective is a bit trickier as you can have multiple data formats (dataset or object) in props.data so you need to deal with the data conversion.