Export to Excel with & character

I have created a form for my customer to enter analytical results into their database. After entering the days data, the operator presses a button which triggers the script for creating an Excel spreadsheet that they then email to their boss. Everything normally works fine, except when the comment column contains >, <, or &. In that case, the underlying XML code generated by the script is corrupted and can not be opened by Excel. I suggest that the script “system.dataset.exportExcel” needs modification to handle this.

We are using Ignition 7.5.8

Any moderators out there? A simple “We’re working on it” or “This is how you fix it” would be appreciated.

Sorry, this post slipped through the cracks. I just made a ticket for this so it should get some attention soon.

Before creating the Excel spreadsheet try replacing < with < and > with > and & with &

if you use this make sure to convert back to the <, >, & before you create the excel doc

nmudge: Thank you for the tip, I may end up using it. However, I spend a lot of time training my customers to let me know if there is a problem with my code rather than sub-optimizing it by creating a way to work-around a mistake in the code. Likewise, I believe the programmers at IA want to know when there code does not behave as expected.

This has been fixed for 7.6.4

Thank you :thumb_left: