Export to MS Excel?

My customer ask for exporting trends, bar charts and tables to MS Excel files. Is this possible?


You can export the data in a FactoryPMI Table component to an excel file (see the fpmi.db.exportExcel scripting function), as well as the underlying data of a line or bar chart. You would then have to manually re-create the actual charts from the raw data in Excel, however.

Thanks, you are super fast.

Checking in on this 14 years later. Is it still not possible to export bar charts and sparklines into excel directly?

The data, or are you asking if it’s possible for us to create an actual chart object in an Excel sheet based on your component in Vision?

Hi @PGriffith,
Yes, I did mean the actual bar chart object itself. Is it possible to export a image file of a table? It wouldn’t necessarily have to be into Excel.
It would just save the user from having to remake a visual that already exists.

The system.print functions allow you to get effectively a “screenshot” of a particular component into an image: system.print - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

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