exportExcel feature to allow naming of worksheets

I recently utilized the exportExcel() function to export 3 datasets. In Excel the worksheets are named ‘Dataset 1’, ‘Dataset 2’, ‘Dataset 3’. It would be great to be able to define these names when the function is called. This would make it easier for the end user to identify the worksheets if they each contain similar data.


This could be done. I’ll let you in on a little secret though: if you open up the xls file that that function creates, you’ll find that it is simply an xml file. The format of the xml file is one that modern versions of Excel recognize natively ( see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_ … ML_formats )

My point is - if this is a pressing need for you, it would be pretty easy to loop through your datasets in scripting and generate the xls file yourself, with whatever worksheet names you desire.

Hope this helps,