Exporting a large report as a PDF fails to open, PDF is "damaged"


A user is trying to export a 276-page report as a PDF. When he opens the PDF (in Chrome or Adobe Reader), it fails, saying that the PDF is damaged.

The report fluctuates in size based on a selected time frame. When a shorter time frame is selected, and the report is only 41 pages, it can be exported as a PDF and opened normally.

Has anyone run into this? Is this a bug? Any thoughts?

We are running version 8.0.5.

Thank you



Can you give me a little more information on how they are exporting it? Since you say export, I assume you mean they view the report in the Vision component and right click to export – if not, can you give me exact reproduction steps?

Also, if this is in the Vision component, any clue how much memory the client has? If not, that’s okay, but it might help us troubleshoot.



It is a vision project. The max heap size is 2048M.

Yes, the user is viewing the report in the vision client. The report viewer displays all the data correctly. The user is right-clicking the report and clicking “Save as PDF”, which appears to work without error. It’s only after the PDF is saved and he tries opening it with Chrome or Adobe Reader that he gets an error saying that the PDF is damaged.



Great – that helps.I’ll try to reproduce that here.



Just exported a 257 page report and opened it in Chrome and Preview without issues on 8.0.6 nightly. You might need to contact support for reproduction on this. :\

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I really appreciate the help on this. Thank you. I will reach out to support.

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