Exporting configured alarms


With all the SCADA projects I have completed in the past one of the documents that I like to produce is an Alarm list. that is a list of all configured alarms

With 7.6 and the move from CSV to XML and coupled to the complication that I can have a tag, property or expression in the alarm display path and or name, I’m scratching my head.
I’d like to show any vairables as they are at the taime of exporting.

Ideally, I’d like the display path, alarm name, priority, Ack Mode, mode, Setpoint, deadband, active delay, cleared delay, Email Custom Subject, Email Custom Message, Phone Custom Message.

I’m thinking that a script that reads each tag in turn and compiles a dataset that I can then export to CSV might be the way to go. but I’m not sure where to start, I’m guessing it may be a Jython experience. :confused:

I am not looking to import anything


For the Alarm Status Table, how do I access the dataset that is currently shown, for printing and exporting? I can see selected alarms but not the entire thing.


you best bet would be using the system.tag.readAll function to grab each property that you are looking for on each tag. how hard it is to get it done depends on your tag structure and how many different tags you have.

I was wondering if I could do anything with the Tag search facility in the designer, that can filter for alarms, at least I’d know what tags have alarms


if you have the ialabs scripting module installed maybe you could use the browse tags function. I havent used it but it should give you a list of tags in your system. from there you can use the system.tag.readAll to pull in your alarm values that you are looking for and you can even have your script filter out tags where alarms arent enabled.