Exporting Large Numbers

I have a client who uses Ignition to historize the discharge data and generate their reports for the city/county. As part of their report they require a exported CSV file of the data used to generate the report. Well they have just turned over 10M gallons on their totalizer and now when opening the CSV file Excel had decided to round the number to 1.00E+07 dropping any fractional numbers and whole numbers that became fractional in the rounding to E+7.

The data displaying in the Vision Table looks correct. The dataset is compressing the number to a E7 but it is 1.00871061E7 (10,087,106.1) not the 1.01E+7 that Excel is displaying. This seems to be happening when Excel launches and opens the file. On my development VM I do not have office so while testing the issue I opened it in notepad and in notepad it is 1.00871061E7 so it is really an Excel issue. If you choose no when asked to save before closing it doesn't alter the data.

Is there another way to export the data that will not round it off causing a loss of data when Excel opens it? Or maybe a different program (knockoff excel) or a way to get excel open/import the file so it doesn't do that to it.


Can you just treat the columns as text in Excel? Or increase the precision of the number format?

I hadn't thought about formatting the cell when Excel opened it before closing it. Changing the format before closing it and saving it seems to be the trick. They will have to remember to do that step before sending it to the city. I was focused on the data end of it not the Excel end of it.