Exporting Report TO CSV / Excel

For some reason when you right click on a report in the new reporting module you do not get the opportunity to export into excel or CSV.
Here is a solution to get the report in CSV (script belongs in a button)

startdate = event.source.parent.getComponent('Report Viewer').StartDate enddate = event.source.parent.getComponent('Report Viewer').EndDate overrides = {"StartDate":startdate, "EndDate":enddate} bytesArray = system.report.executeReport(path="MyReport", project="MyProject", parameters=overrides, fileType="csv") path = system.file.saveFile("myreport.csv") if path != None: system.file.writeFile(path, bytesArray)

Now this works fine, however it would be nice if we could right click on the report and have this functionality. CSV export is clearly built into the report module but seems it can only be scripted.

Export to Excel would also be great, I found a request for this feature in the feedback forum at http://ideas.inductiveautomation.com/forums/255378-ignition-features-and-ideas/suggestions/14824878-ignition-report-excel-export, please feel free to throw some upvotes on this request if you feel you or your customers would benefit from this feature.