Exporting Report to Excel - Single Sheet

Is there any way to export a report to excel that will put all the data on a single sheet. Right now my report is being broken up into 8 sheets. I know I can expand the height of the page to some huge number to force it to a single sheet, but I’m wondering if there is some setting i’m missing that would just force the report to a single sheet.

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Did you find an answer? I’ve tried grouping and reviewed the IU videos and still get a page per “sheet”…

No I was never able to find a solution to this. My single page is just incredibly long so that it exports to a single page. But its difficult to work with on the design side.

Hello! Did you find a way to solve this? I have the same need with a report which has lot of rows and I want only one sheet.

This is the only “solution” to this problem. The reporting engine doesn’t collapse report content down in any other way.

I’m a little late to the party, but I just ran into this myself. You can export it as a .csv file to have everything on one ‘sheet’.

Yes but the csv file repeats the header after every so many rows that fit on one sheet in the case of an excel file.