Exporting Table Data to CSV on Mobile Module

Hello, everyone. Hoping you can help me out with a problem we’ve run into.

We have a reporting section in our solution that uses vision reporting (not the reporting module). Basically, the reports are on a window and consist of a table, date range slider, and an “Export to CSV” button with the following code behind it on actionPerformed:

table = event.source.parent.getComponent('Coil Properties')

This works on the native java clients, but our customer primarily uses the mobile module on their chromebooks to view the reports, and exporting via exportCSV is not allowed on mobile.

A workaround we thought of was to have the button generate a CSV and then email it to the user, but before we do, has anyone run into this problem before and discovered a solution? I’ve poked around the forum with no luck.

I appreciate any help offered.


You’ll have to do a work-around. The reason is that a vision window doesn’t really run in the mobile device under the mobile module – it’s really running under another process in the gateway. So the exportCSV function can only see the filesystem in the gateway, not in the mobile device. An email solution sounds reasonable. Another possibility would be to use the WebDev module to serve the converted file.