Exporting Tag History on database from Edge Sync

Hey all,

We have an Ignition Server, this is connected to an Ignition Edge that is syncing the data into our database.

We want to be able to export this raw data as a CSV, but we don’t want it to point to tags on the remote tag provider as the comms are not reliable and will fail as the tags disappear and as such don’t have any tags that can pull in using the system.tag.queryTagHistory

Strangely our power charts seem to display this data with no issue when no tags are there, but we don’t get anything if I use system.tag.browseHistoricalTags(path).getResults() when copying the setting from my power chart in as path.

How can we query the tag historian system to display this data in a set time range?

Hi Hayden,

Are these tags ‘disappearing’ from the Tag Browser? or are they going to Bad Quality?

What property are you using system.tag.browseHistoricalTag() ?

We have this Edge as a remote tag provider, but often the comms will fail due to its location and tags all disappear when it does.
We’re wanting a button to generate CSVs from our database, regardless of if the tags fail.

Because our power charts seem to work fine, I’ve been using the data field from the pens in my system.tag.browseHistoricalTag(), but it doesn’t seem to return anything when remote tag provider comms are down

Hi Hayden,

What does the setting look like on your Gateway under Config > Tag > Real Time when clicking the edit button on the Tag Provider you are using under History Settings > History Access Mode?

We use database history for our tag provider