Exporting UDTs crashes OPC UA Server and drivers

Hi all,

We have an enterprise system with about 30 tag providers (currently all local, but they will all be remote eventually). When trying to copy UDTs from one provider to another, or exporting tags or anything except creating UDT instances, our OPC UA server gets stuck and the tag browser becomes inaccessible. The only solution is to restart the gateway, and it doesn’t always bring the copied tags over completely.

Is this a known issue? I’m using 8.0.2. Or…is there a way to get around this problem? Looks like bindings can still read from the tags, but we just can’t look at, modify, or access the tags anymore. Restarting the OPC UA module simply faults all of the device drivers so that also doesn’t fix it and I’d rather not restart the gateway every time I want to copy UDTs to any other tag provider.


I think you’ll need to work with support on this.

It would probably be interesting to get a thread dump on both the gateway and for the designer after exporting when it’s “stuck”. They can help you use the jstack utility to get the designer thread dump.

I don’t think this has anything to do with OPC UA or the server. Are you talking about the Tag Browser in the designer or something?

Yeah, I guess the tag browser is the real problem. I can’t bring it back even after closing the designer and re-opening it. The OPC Server seems okay until I try to restart it, in which case, it crashes and never comes back, and takes out all the drivers with it (I guess that’s by design though). That…could be a separate issue, I do recall that restarting modules sometimes doesn’t bring them back. Not sure if that was fixed.

The only thing that fixes this is re-starting the gateway which is a mild inconvenience, but, then, we can never copy UDTs over.

I’ll contact support about it.