Expose Gateway Status Values

Hi all,

I would like to be able to remotely monitor various pieces of information regarding a Gateway’s status. In a nutshell, it’s the type of information you see updating in real-time on the Gateway Status page. I would like to know programmatically if my devices are connected, databases are connected, transaction groups are running, opc connections are valid, etc. As our install base continues to grow, the need is arising to have a central application monitoring for components that go down so we can be alerted immediately to correct the problem (rather than after it’s realized we haven’t logged data for a day). Whether that central application is an Ignition Gateway or not doesn’t matter to me. It could be snmp, web services, command line, etc. Our IT department has enterprise system monitoring applications in place that could handle any of these. Obviously some calls exist today and are used on the gateway status page, but I don’t know if IA is interested in exposing them “officially” as-is without inherent risks to the internal db being exposed.

This is probably a great module SDK project, but I don’t know if I’m at the stage to be able to knock that one out. I can also use curl in Linux to scrape the status page, but that doesn’t seem like a robust long-term solution.



Most of this information is probably available through the new Gateway Status tags in 7.3 (Under SQLTags - System>Gateway), and the driver diagnostic tags in our OPC server. You can set these tags up to alert, log to SQLTags history, or log to your own format with transaction groups. I suspect that you should probably be able to do just about anything you want with them.

If there is something that you want that’s missing there, let me know and I can see about adding it. For example, hard drive space/utilization has already been requested.


Ah, man…I didn’t even notice them! I am going to meet with the rest of our team on Monday to lay out what we’d like to monitor centrally and our implementation options. Out of that discussion, we may come back with some extra components we would like to see the status of. I’m pretty confident one of them will be transaction group statuses.

Thank you for your help.