Expose MQTT Tags for external access

Hello all,
Hope you are doing well and thanks for taking time to help with my question. I currently have the Ignition Maker version setup with the CirrusLink MQTT server and transmitter modules, and I have 5 tags that are setup in Designer. My goal is to use an external MQTT client or a custom built one (using Python and Paho-mqtt) to access the MQTT port on my Ignition gateway and subscribe/publish to topics that expose each of those 5 tags. I have successfully setup the server and have tested it by using a local client to pub/sub over a test topic and I’m currently running into a few roadblocks:

  1. I am unsure of how to setup my tags in Designer so that they can be exposed to the MQTT server, and accessed as a topic from external clients for both pub & sub.
  2. I am wondering if this is the most lightweight and simplest way to access tags through external clients (I do not want to setup a DB and query). I would love to hear your suggestions.