Exposed Configured Tags - Gateway Redundancy

For the use case of the “Exposed Configured Tags” feature with the gateway redundancy,
I would like to be able to configure the activation or not of this feature on the backup.

For example :
Tag are exposed on the Master Active, and tag are not exposed on the warm Backup when the server is not active.
A property for exposed mode like “always/only when active” would be perfect !


This probably wouldn’t be very hard, but why would it be useful? I’m just curious as to what the main purpose is.


Our Scada system will be based on 2 Ignition redundant gateway which collect data from PLC,
with its Vision HMI.

Above this system, another hypervision system (not provided by our firm) will access to our data thru OPC-UA (read only and read/write). Ignition is the server and this system the client.

If the master gw and the backup gw both expose the data it could be difficult for these system to choose the right gw (the active one) especially for the write request : need to check gw status tag…

This hypervision system would to set its opc-ua client connection with master gw as primary connection and backup gw as fallback connection.
So if the gw is not the active part of the redundant system, the tag are not exposed or the opc server refused the incomming connection, to force the client to connect to the active gw.


I see, so perhaps a setting to prevent OPC-UA connections when the backup is not active might be better? It seems like not being able to connect to the server would be the easiest way for the other client to know to try the other server… otherwise, if the tag quality is bad, either due to being standby or because the tags are hidden, the client is still going to have to do additional work to figure out how to fail over. In that case, you may as well just monitor the system state tags.

I’ll look into how hard it would be to reject connections when not active.



I agree with you, a setting to prevent OPC-UA connections when the backup is not active might be better.


Has there been any upgrade to this issue? This would solve my problem as well.