Exposed Configured Tags

With “Exposed Configured Tags”, All tags are exposed thru Ignition OPC-UA Server ?

Is there a way to choose which tag are exposed ?
Would be perfect to have a property to select per tag :

  • not exposed
  • exposed (Read)
  • exposed (Read/Write)

Currently it is not possible to select, but we would at least like to let you select the provider, and Read vs Read/Write on the provider level. Trying to select individual tags is probably too much, but if you select providers, you could just create different internal providers for each level of access you wanted.

I think we’ll try to get this in very soon, like 7.7.1 or .2


Good news ! It will be a good improvement :thumb_left:
But I have some UDT where I don’t wan’t to expose all the tag for another system.
mix of providers inside the same UDT for RW/R/Not visible seems not a good solution to me ?
If possible, I think a per tag configuration will be more suitable… :cry:

Any news about this feature ?

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I’ve been searching th4e forums (ignition and others) about accessing an Ignition Server’s internal tags via an external 3rd party OPC client. When I select expose external in the settings and save, no additional servers show up when I have my OPC Client browse. How would I connect to this ‘externally exposed’ data?

Data are exposed in the Ignition built-in OPC-UA Server

You also need to restart the server before it takes effect.

After restarting, there is still no new server showing up in my OPC Client. Is there a 3rd party client you suggest? I am using Matrikon.

There’s no new server that shows up. If you’re already connected to the Ignition OPC UA server then there’s just an additional folder that appears.

I don’t need or want to access this internally, this is all about external access to the internals of what’s going on in my system.

Here’s a screenshot of UaExpert connected to the Ignition OPC UA server with “Exposed Tags” enabled:

The “Tag Providers” folder is made available, and everything under that are tag providers and their tags as configured in Ignition.

Are you asking for something else?

I’m not seeing how showing me the connectivity of a UA server from within ignition even meets IA’s desctiption of ‘Expose External’ I’m talking about firing up a 3rd party OPC Client program and being able to browse and read/write(where applicable) values of configured tags. Show me a screenshot of a non IA program doing that.

UaExpert is a non-IA program.

OK. My aplogies, I didn’t know it was. After restarting and closing and re-opening my client, I found no change. All my other UA servers are there, just not Ignition

This setting has nothing to do with whether or not a 3rd party OPC client can connect to Ignition’s OPC UA server, it just influences what that client sees.

Did you ever even configure a connection from your client to the Ignition OPC UA server?

No, how do I find the endpoint URL to explicity point to my Ignition Server?

In Ignition 8 fresh install it’s opc.tcp://localhost:62541 or opc.tcp://localhost:62541/discovery. If it’s an upgrade then it’s probably port 4096 instead of 62541.

On older versions you should be able to connect at opc.tcp://localhost:4096.

I’m using uaExpert as well now. When I tried to connect I get aommunication Error. I pops up a window that says ‘untrusted’

What version of Ignition are you using?

You’ll have to tell UaExpert to trust the certificate for this session.

If you’re using Ignition 8, then on the Ignition side there’s also going to be a certificate from UaExpert in quarantine now (Ignition gateway Config > OPC UA > Security > Server tab).

It might be easier to allow unsecured connections while you get this all working. Under OPC UA > Server Settings you can change the Security Policies setting:

You might also change the Bind Address to from instead of localhost if you want to allow connections from other machines.

You’ll have to restart Ignition after making these changes. These settings are for Ignition 8.

Ignition version 7.9.8