Expression Binding in perspective with Params passing

I am currently having issues with syntax of an expression binding to perform a runScript function.

The expression code below works and is consistent on executing the script


I want to replace the Develop_DI/Cfg_Tag portion with a PARAMS for the view. the PARAMS is called myTag. The current value in my example is Develop_DI/Cfg_Tag

if I build the expression as follows, I get a comm overlay and the script fails to execute:

runScript(“WriteAccess.canWrite”,0,’[default]’+ {view.params.myTag}),{session.props.auth.user.roles})


runScript(“WriteAccess.canWrite”,0, {view.params.myTag}),{session.props.auth.user.roles})


It looks like you have too many closing parentheses… try

runScript("WriteAccess.canWrite", 0, {view.params.myTag}, {session.props.auth.user.roles})

Thanks for the suggestion, I tried executing the code as per below and still fails.


when I only change the view.params.myTag to hard text will it function as required.


What is the error you are seeing? This would realy help me narrow down what is happening for you.

With a Script Project Library set up as “Project Library/project/Repl”, and a configured Script set up as

def return_value(value):
    return value

and a property set up as
and an Expression binding configured as


my binding/expression return is: