Expression binding in tag properties


We are running an issue into our Ignition Gateway 7.9.
We are lazily injecting OPC parameters from an UDT into his tags with, for each of them, this expression binding:

Path: {{PathToParentFolder}.Path}
Server: {{PathToParentFolder}.Server}
Tag: {{PathToParentFolder}.Tag}

This is working well.

However, we are getting many errors in the log file when we start the gateway such as this one:

Error expanding sub parameter reference ‘[PARAMETER-NAME]’ in tag ‘[TAG-NAME]’

java.lang.Exception: Expecting close delimiter '}' but found: 'PathToParentFolder'
at com.inductiveautomation.ignition.common.expressions.parsing.StringParser.parseQueryWithBoundPathsNoEscape( 

I think this is because the string parser doesn’t expect more than 1 pair of {}.
However, this is the only way we found to bind the UDT parameters to the tags.
First one is for the expression binding and second one is for using the {PathToParentFolder} pre-defined parameter.

Do you have a solution?