Expression Binding on Visibility

Hello, I am trying to make a Valve control pop-up which has Open-Close button only visible while Manual Mode is true. I have the typical custom property Path setup and “Auto_CMD” is the Auto/Manual bit. When Auto_CMD is 1, it’s Auto Mode; in addition, when Auto_CMD is 0, then it’s Manual Mode. And the Open-Close button should only be visible when Auto_CMD is equal to 0. Please let me know what I have done wrong on the Expression binding.

I don’t see anything syntactically incorrect with your binding. You haven’t shown the value of Root Container.Path it is possible that the Path property is incorrect and so you are getting bad tag reference. This would result in the False return path being executed making it so that the buttons are always visible.

I would steer far away from the tag() expression in this (read most) case.

Instead, consider using a custom property with an Indirect Tag Binding, and then use this expression in the binding on the visibility property:

not AutoMode

Hi Irose, thanks for your reply. I forgot that I changed the name of my Auto_CMD udt to AutoCMD. And I needed to add a / in front of AutoCMD. It’s fixed now.