Expression binding with tag transform in perspective

I want an expression to determine the color of a text box by looking at 2 tags for communication status.
I have an expression tag that works; when I copy that expression into the color binding with a transform, it does not work.

I believe it may be a bug or syntax.
Expression tag working:

Expression not working in color binding with transform:(I have also tried the transform with “true” and “false” as well.

Try each condition by themselves and see if they work. Also try enclosing the first condition in brackets, or simply removing the “= 1”.
Also, you should look into creating your own css theme and storing all your colours within css variables. You can then map them into Perspective Styles and use styles to colour your components instead of magic colours (colours that aren’t symbolically linked to anything). You can reference css variables via var(--variable-name)
That way, you can standardise the colours in your projects and ensure that they consistent. You can also change them at any stage and everywhere they referenced will be updated. Have a read of the inside the perspective themes directory

It looks like it’s working for me, but I am using a recent version.

it would help to know what version you are using. Also, I found that if the first tag reference can not be found, the expression will still pass, but if the second reference can not be found then the expression provides the Bad_NotFound error. This leads me to believe that at the very least your second reference is faulty - if not both. Is “Entiat” the provider? If not, you should provide the correct provider in your reference. I always recommend using the tag picker to avoid issue s like this.