Expression Binding with Tag transform

I would like to determine a color of an object based on the state of 2 tags. I have created an expression that does not seem to work. When I use each tag in a tag binding individually they work fine so I know the tags are good, just seems to be my expression formatting.

If you hover over the Bad_NotFound in the preview, do you get any more information about which element is not found?

Also, if you’re directly returning a boolean value, the if statement returning true or false is superfluous. You can simply write {tag} || {tag2} as the entire expression since the || will automatically return a boolean result.

I tried removing the if statement with similar results.

Hovering over the “Bad_NotFound”, the following error shows:
Bad_NotFound(“Path ‘[default]false’ not found.”)

Your binding type on the left should be set to ‘Expression’, not ‘Tag’. It’s trying to resolve it to a tag name that doesn’t exist.

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That was it, thanks!

D'oh, talk about me missing the forest for the trees. Good catch.


No worries! I noticed a similar issue from back in Nov’20. I relooked at his screenshot and Tag binding was also selected, not Expression binding but not resolution was ever logged so now we have a resolution for the next person with this issue.