Expression language alarm value


Can anybody point me in the right direction…I have several sqltags containing values coming from opc-ua server devices i.e temperatures, etc.

I have another sqltag - an expression tag - in which I can do:
{Site/place name/object 1/Temperature}

This gets the value of the Temperature, but is it possible to get the value of the various alarms set on that Temperature sqltag. eg:
{Site/place name/object 1/Temperature/Alarm1/Setpoint}

I can also just hard-code the value into my expression object, but - as anybody worth their salt knows - that way disaster lies.



Unfortunately it’s not (yet) possible to reference those properties. We wanted to do that, but due to time constraints it didn’t make it. Inside of an alarm, you can reference other properties, but you can’t read across alarms or tags.

I know you’re asking about the setpoint, and not the active state, but I’ll take this opportunity to point out (since I don’t think many people know about it) that we did include a new “isAlarmActive(tag path, [alarm name])” function in order to check the active state of other alarms. We probably could include a similar “getAlarmProperty” function or something until we can retrofit the actual referencing system to allow that level of addressing.