Expression/SQL Binding in Data Types


  1. I was create some internal Tag Provider
  2. In this tag provider i was create new Data Type with properties: Floor, Number and other
  3. In this Data Type i was create new Expression tag which want must bind to tags in Default folder of tags.
  4. When i choose in this Expression tag address of Default tag i saw this:
  1. I want to use like this:

where Floor and Number - properties of Data Type
This structure is wrong
How i must to use this to right binding?

I think you need to use the expression function tag, as follows:

tag("Manufactura/Floor_" + {[.]Floor} + "/Room_" + {[.]Number} + "/Flooding")

Trying this:
Taking this:

Any ideas?

Your picture/image/photo shows “Manufactura” as the Tag Provider.
Try this instead:



or (Expression):

tag("[Manufactura]Floor_" + {[.]Floor} + "/Room_" + {[.]Number} + "/Flooding")

I want to use tags not from this Tag Provider.

I don’t understand. Just make sure that that first folder is using the same syntax. Try this:



or (Expression):

tag("[Hodoseevka]Some_" + {[Cosmopolite]Whatever/Tag} + "/Other/Tag")