Expression syntax for getting item from a dataset in an array

So I am already aware that you can get a value from a datatset using the expression syntax of {session.custom.Dataset}[{view.params.StepNum}-1, "DataValue"]. I actively use this to grab data for template instances. The problem I am running into is trying to fetch a value from a dataset in an array.

I’ve tried {session.custom.DataArray}[view.params.Instance][{view.params.StepNum}-1, "DataValue"] but that does not seem to work.

I tried changing the array to a dictionary, which did result in {session.custom.DataArray}[view.params.Instance] returning the dataset, but I can’t seem to dig any further than that.

I feel I am missing something extremely simple.

So I managed to figure this out while scrounging some other posts and the expression function list. The following syntax is what managed to make it work for me:
property(concat("session.custom.MTEDataArray[" + {view.params.Instance}+ "]"))[{view.params.StepNum}-1, "DataValue"]