Expression syntax within an expression for alarm display path

I’ve searched through the topics but cant find the answer to the following
Im trying to to display my documentation meta data field in the alarm display path
I know I can do this my manually specifiying my tagname.documentation as follows
However I want to make this generic for all tags and not have to manually edit the tagname field in each alarm type
{itemname} on its own can show my TAGNAME but how to combine
The following “{[.]”+{itemName}+".Documentation}" just diplays the string {[.]TAGNAME.Documentation} not the contents of it.


I’m trying to do this exact thing, @declan1, were you able to solve this problem?

Tags have a built-in “this” keyword, that can be used as a reference to the tag. The keyword is useful in cases where an expression is being configured on a tag property, and you want to reference the value of another property.

For this case, try:


Awesome! Thank you @bmusson, not sure how I missed that documentation but thank you for the reply and for sharing. I tested it out and it works as expected; thanks again!

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