Expression tag and script modules

Is it possible to use script modules with expression tag?

For example I have function in script modules:
def testScript(testString):
return testString

If I bind expression to a text label, it is working just fine:
runScript(“app.util.testScript(‘some string’)”)
Label is displaying ‘some string’ text.

But if I bind it to type String Expression tag, it would give me quality ‘Evaluation Error’ and null value.

Check out Nick’s response in the forum. Maybe someone with the 7.7 beta can see if global scripts can fix this?

Thank you!

I need that for example to resolve such issue:

I get tag value in such format from expression tag with httpGet function:
which is really float. I can display it as 11.1 for example in label with float() Python function.
If I try to use toFloat() Expression function, it does not work.

So as I understand in version 7.7 I could call a Script Modules function in Expression Tag to convert value to float with Python functionality. Something like app.util.float(httpGet())

Or is it possible to format such value as +.11100000E+02 to float as 11.1 in Expression Tag?