Expression tag script flooding audit log

We just upgraded our gateways from 8.1.18 to 8.1.26 as we were told this would stop all tag writes from scripts being written to the audit log. However, we are still flooded with audit log events from basic expression tags that we use to manage heartbeats. We have no need to audit this type of change. Any suggestions?


I would contact support. The bug you're mentioning was supposed to be fixed in 8.1.19; only writes originating from Perspective scripts should go into the audit log.

Would we have to restart the edge gateway for this change to change effect?

Well, upgrading implies a system restart? Whatever gateway is running this script needs to be on 8.1.19 or higher for the bug to be fixed.

To clarify, we upgraded the gateway and yes we restarted the service. We did not restart the edge machine itself however.

That shouldn't be relevant for the issue you're describing here, unless the actual source of the audit entries isn't what you think it is.

No this is definitely the source

A couple items to check next:

  • Visit that gateway's status page and check what version it is reporting.

  • Open the designer tag browser to the suspect tags and temporarily disable the events. See if the audit stream really does stop.

You guys are correct once again! :smile: After further investigation, it appears we missed an edge in the upgrade and the audit log is coming from that gateway. Thanks for insisting I check!