Expression tag to alarm several other tag values

We are using the SMS to module to send out alarms to our plant personnel. I am trying to create an expression tag in which I can just tell the system that at a certain time, it would go into alarm and run this script to send out said values in a neatly formatted way. Has anyone had any experience with this? Am I going in the right direction, or should I be doing something completely different?

Why not send them out as they occur? By “at a certain time” it seems as though you are going to batch them at fixed intervals.

The tag values are run times of pumps from the previous day. I am trying to send it out (essentially a report) as a list of run times at 8 in the morning for the personnel who work on the pumps.

I wouldn’t send a report as an alarm. That would be confusing.
Have a look at Scripting | Gateway Events | Scheduled | Hit + then give it a name, set your schedule and write the script on the Script tab.
Scheduled events will run on the gateway regardless of whether any clients are open or not.

I think that I found what you are talking about. The second part of my question is…

If I am trying to use “print” in the script to display the value, what is the format that is needed to actually pull the tag’s value? Is it the whole path, part of the path, or just the tag name?

See system.tag.readBlocking - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation.
Note that the paths parameter is passed as an array.