Expression tag with runscript don't take account script overrided

@awalker ,
can you please fill a ticket for :

Ignition 8.0.4-NIGHTLY - 21/08/2019
I’ve overrided a “shared” script inherited from another project

In a Tag expression, I call the script with runScript(“shared.tag.alarm.myFunction”,0)

The script executed is not the overrided version.
I have still the issue after a gateway restart


What is the Gateway Scripting Project setting configured for? If it’s pointing at the parent / global project this behavior is correct.

Yes, Gateway Scripting Project = global
I see, If I wan’t the expression use the same script (with eventually some override), I have to set
Gateway Scripting Project = MyProject ?

Yes, but then you may break any other tags etc relying on their script being in the global project.

Edit: err not exactly. They will be part of MyProject if it inherits global. But just be aware you get one project for all gateway scripting actions.

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