Expression text entry cursor position wrong


I am having trouble using the expression text entry boxes in the "expression binding" and expression option under "tag binding". The cursor appears to be 4 character positions to the right of its displayed location once I have copied text into the box. This makes entering anything using copy and paste, deleting etc a nightmare, anyone else experiencing this?? If so have you found a fix. I've tried copying to notepad and then back in and it does not want to play the game. I am on the latest version 8.1.36.

cheers for any help

Are you using a fractional scaling in your windows desktop? Anything other that 100% or 200% ?


In the event you are (highly likely, from past experience), try the workaround in this thread:

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Correct I was on 125%, thank you very much. pturmel.

I will have to check out the workaround you posted PGriffith as my older eyes certainly prefer 125%, cheers